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Islam Promotes Having A Caring Relationship With A Girlfriend Not Abusing A Slave.

One of the most spurious and effective anti Islamic tricks, carried out by the hidden agents of Satan was to place the perverse and corrupt into the most influential positions of authority within the Umma. Transvestites and the like can now be found posing as High Priests or Mullahs, and are now among those who are interpreting Holy Quran to Iranian Muslims.

Most Iranians never learn the Arabic language, even though it is very similar to Farsi, in the same way as Spanish is to Italian. Although Iranians learn the Quran in it's translated Farsi version, both they and the Arabs believe and adhere to the same divine message of the Quran. So why is it then that two people with so much in common are yet so divided?

Iranians have borne a hatred for Arabs for centuries, due to the stories of wars and massacres, committed by the Muslim Arab invaders whom came and by force converted Iran to Islam, raping our women, killing our children, and burning down our libraries, and so many other sad and fabricated lies told by the propagators of false history in Western Universities. Professors who almost without exception are Zionist Ashkenazi Jews (Iranian History Professors).

Iranians never learn to read the original Arabic Quran, and have therefore been deceived by deliberately false and inaccurate translations. As an example, the translation by, Makaram Shirazi, one of the most famous of the scholars who translated the Holy Quran into Farsi, tells us the Quran permitted slavery, along with the sexual use of `our slaves,` when in reality the Holy Quran teaches, “ you can only have relations (including sex) with your wife and with one who consents “(not by force, or coercion, but by agreement, like boyfriend-girlfriend relation, husband-wife).

By the false translating of just one word they have managed to associate Islam with slavery and also forbid normal healthy consensual relationships between unmarried men and women, which has had a huge impact on Iranian society, forcing people to engage in hidden or secret relationships that cause divorces and promotes prostitution, whilst at the same time fostering resentment towards Islam.

Furtive and clandestine sexual activity furthers societies descent into perversion and filth. The recent reports of the rape of Iranian teenage boys and girls is evidence of this, with as is ever the case with such instances of vice, the most vulnerable in society being targeted. This kind of brutality is unprecedented in recent Iranian history. Descriptions of the horrific acts perpetrated on some victims include `Gang Rape` situations where four large `ugly` men, seemingly filled with hate, have entered a room uninvited and repeatedly raped the victim, clearly have the intention of inflicting as much pain as possible, as if possessed by Satan himself.

It is only with people who have been raised with the teachings of the Talmud that one finds such levels of hatred towards others, and nowhere else. Not even the Nazis committed such horrendous crimes. It is for me very difficult to believe that those behind such cruel acts are Muslim or Iranians. The International Media has, not surprisingly, been completely silent regarding these crimes and the so called `independent movements` have labeled the circumstances in Iran at this time as being a form of `Lipstick`- Revolution, in order to trivialize what is happening there; in effect, boycotting the facts and portraying it all as insignificant and not worthy of mention.

What we are witnessing is a master plan of Stan and his fallen devils. In fact the Rothschilds and the Merovingian Elite have gained total control over the Iranian establishment, in the shape of hidden Satanist Jews and Freemasons. The long years of economic instability made so many people in the military and politic corrupt, and they have created a network which is very well organized. On the other hand they have all the opposition leaders in their pockets, and play with them just to crush the will of people.

Don’t be surprised to discover that those aiding them the most, in this debauchery of Iranian society are our very own so called intellectuals, thinkers and writers living abroad, enjoying the money and the night life, gambling, women and so on. Most of them are on the list to be interviewed by VOA, BBC, and CNN, and of course, the longer the interview, and the more questions asked, the more money they make, earning up to $2000 for one single short interview. Journalists call these `thugs` the experts. None of them dare to cross the `red lines,` and speak truthfully, so the majority of Iranian people do not get the big picture, and the big picture, is that western leaders and the Media are very pleased with the torture and raping of Iranians by the Mullahs, and they will do anything they can to help them to continue their crimes.

So we Iranians, just like the rest of the world must begin to identify the enemy within our own society, who falsely claim to be with us, but by their activities we can identify their Masters directly.

Only almighty God, Allah can help us to defeat this Mafia.

Thanks to Philip John Jones for editing.

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